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Metal Fabrication  


Home/Office/Indoor/Outdoor - Furniture, Fences, Gates, Fountains, Lighting, Yard Art, Functional Sculpture.

Commission Native San Diego Artist Kelly Tracy to Design and Fabricate Art with a Function.

Metal Fabrications Utilizing a Combination of New and Recycled Materials.


Eternity 4'x4' $900

Collaborative illuminated waterfall
Ready to illuminate & turn on waterfall

Collaborative Close Up
Ready to hit the switch (Garden Cabaret)

Linked to Faith 14"x8" Donated
Custom Harley tail light

Tough Love 18" x 14" Welded Harley Chain
Stretched bolts 6"x7" $45

Custom Harley
Mobile plasma cutting demo containment

Blue in the face 10"x8" SOLD
Blushing Mohican 10"x6" SOLD



SD convention center American Arts Festival

Chain Reaction 14"x12" $155
Plasma cutting demo

Metal wave

Waves Metal Sculpture 7"x9" $55.00
Plasma cutting demo

Sunburst 5"x5" $25 SOLD
Sunburst 5"x5" $25 SOLD


Tin Fish 6" x 14" $45
Hot Hands $45 SOLD

Sun Face $125 SOLD
Handy $45

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