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Kelly Tracy a native of San Diego raised in Ocean Beach and now a resident of Imperial Beach.
Kelly's Art interest began as a child during the 1970's his family owned The Herb Store in Ocean Beach CA. where Kelly had the unique opportunity to meet, assist and work with artists from around the world in a variety of mediums.

Kelly is a multi talented tradesman in Auto restoration, Aircraft Fabrication, Marine Coatings and his latest accomplishment CA Real Estate Sales Agent.


In the mid 80's Kelly was recognized as the 3rd generation of Tracy's to become an aerospace mold maker/fabricator.

Kelly is also Certified in Flame Sprayed Protective Coatings, Powder Coating, Production Painting, Corrosion Control and Structural Welding.
Titles held: Supervisor, Team Leader, Instructor and Safety Officer.

Kelly Tracy has been called a jack-of all trades master of some and admired by his peers for his accomplishments.

One of Kelly Tracy’s passions is Immortalizing the human form by direct impression body molding creating life cast body sculptures.


Art Education

1998 Welding / Metal Sculpture: Nestor Cervantes

1999 Apprenticed Glass Blown Art: Bill Kasper

1999 Body Molding / Life Casting: Philip Hitchcock

1998-1999 Faux Rock / Sculptural Water Features: Eider De'Mello

1979 Wood & Stone Sculptural Techniques: John Inhoff

1977 Lost Wax Casting Method of Fine Jewelry Making: Frank Cipriani


2007- Present IB Dogs At Play ( Marketing & Merchandise)

2007- Present I.B. Farmers Market (Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator)

2007- Present I.B. Beautiful (Member)

2007 US Open Sandcastle (Head Judge)  

2006 I.B. U.S Open Sandcastle (Program Director, Judge Capitan)

2005 – 2006  San Diego Art Institute Museum Of The Living Artist (Member)

2005 - Present Imperial Beach Cultural Arts board Committee (Member)

2004 - Present Imperial Beach Art Guild (President)

2004 - Present World Artist Directory (Member)

2004 I.B. US Sandcastle Committee (Masters Division Judge)

1999 - Present Association of Life Casters International (Founding Member)


2008 Ocean Beach Christmas Parade First Place Best Individual float (Dinosaurous Sculpture)

2008 Bonita CA. Bronze Plaque Commemoration Dedication (Rangui Sculpture)

2008 The South County Renaissance Project Certificate of Appreciation

( For  Continued Commitment & Support of the Arts in Imperial Beach)

2007 Ocean Beach Holiday Parade (Best Family Group Float with Dinosaurous

 2007 Kiwanis (2) (Certificate of Appreciations)

05,06,07,08 Certificate of Appreciation: I.B. Boys & Girls Club (Regional Art Competition Judge)

2005 Certificate of Appreciation: City of Imperial Beach (Paint The Box Public Art Project)

04 Excellent Sculptural Talents: Bonita Business Association (Restoration of Dinosaur Sculpture)

2003 Best of show: S.D. Students of the Arts (Life Cast of Hands)

2002 Best of show: Ocean Beach Artist Alley (Pregnant Belly Life Cast)

2001 Best Sculpture: North Park Ray at Night (Female Buttock Life Cast)

Media / Publications

2007 San Diego Union Tribune (Restoration of Historical Marlin Sign)
2007 Imperial Beach Eagle & Times: Boys & Girls Club Kids Day Featured Artist     

2007 Imperial Beach Eagle & Times I.B. Dogs At Play Dog Surfing Competition 

2007(Channel 5,6,7,8,9 News)  Imperial Beach US Open Sandcastle Competition Head Judge 

2007(Cooking with Yang) Imperial Beach US Open Sandcastle Competition Head Judge

05-06 Imperial Beach Eagle & Times: Boys & Girls Club Regional Art Competition Judging

2005 KUSI Channel 9 (Dave Scott) San Diego American Arts Festival (Life Castings)

04 Imperial Beach Eagle & Times (Nina Mc Donald) 2 stories on Paint The Box Public Art Program

2004 KGTV Channel 10 (Geni Cavitt) Artist Restoration of Bonita's Landmark Dinosaur Sculpture

2004 KGTV Channel 10 (David Villargos) Dinosaur Sculpture Restoration Award Ceremony

2004 Chula Vista Star News Bonita's Landmark Dinosaur Restoration and Award Ceremony

2003 South West Times: Kelly Tracy and the creation of his Body Casting Life Sculptures

2003 KUSI Channel 9 (Mat Olson) 2 Interviews with Life Casting Sculptor Kelly Tracy


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