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Students partner with local artists to paint positive community message

From: "Hanlan C. Bowler"

Dear Daryl Peveto at the San Diego Union Tribune
Thanks for covering our story today I wanted to send you some worthy student quotes from their reflections.
I learned that if everyone cooperates we can do anything like this project - Daisy Sosa, Project Researcher
I learned that working on a project for school shows how many people really care about the appearance of the school -Cristina Robles, Project Planner and Painter
 I learned that we can have fun by doing something good for our community and using teamwork -Erika Enriquez, Project Planner
 I learned that we need to do something in our community to prevent tagging -Eddie Cubillas, Project Artist
 It takes hard work to do something.  There are some good ways to send a positive message to others -Janet Morales, Project Artist  
Each semester, each class determines an existing problem in their school or community that they would like to take positive action on (formally called community service learning).

Students contact a local organization to collaborate with. 

The Mural Project was just that.
Mr. Kelly Tracy and Ms. Rubia Ronquillo of the local IB Art Guild were contacted and invited into the classroom to further discuss the Mural Project. 

After that connection, students identified individual strengths and broke into teams.

It was determined by the planning team that SDG&E was also to be contacted for the approval of painting on their boxes.
 With persistent students and the go ahead from the principal the students made a positive action today of painting a bay bridge mural in front of their school.    
Kelly Tracy
Imperial Beach Art Guild President
Rubia Ronquillo
Imperial Beach Art Guild Secretary

 Hanlan Bowler

            Health & Science Teacher

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